Caroline Steinbeis

Director for Stage and Screen

Brilliant Adventures
by Alistair McDowall
for The Royal Exchange Manchester, 2013

2013 Manchester Theatre Awards 
Best Studio Production

“A rollercoaster of a play that packs one surprise after another.
very sharply directed by Caroline Steinbeis.”
Manchester Theatre Award

“‘Brilliant Adventures’ absolutely lives up to its title.”
Reviews Hub

“This is done brilliantly.”
British Theatre Guide

“Director Caroline Steinbeis is never fazed.”

The Times
Set and Costume: Max Jones
Lights: Kay Haynes
Music and  Sound: Richard Hammarton
Fights: Kev McCurdy
Effects: Darren Lang

Cast: Joseph Arkley, Lee Armstrong, Ian Bonar, Michael Hodgson,
Rob Lonsdale, Laurence Mitchell

Photos: Jonathan Keenan